Is Stagecoach Transportation: Licensed, Insured & Permitted. ? Yes. We carry all Airports, Cruise Ports and City Licensing to

   insure professional service.


Are Fees such: tolls, gas and taxes included ? Yes


Is Gratuity included in the price quoted?  NO.  We DO NOT include the gratuity (tip) for the driver in the price quoted. We allow

   our customer to tip the driver at their discretion. A 5% to 20% gratuity is customary and appreciated.


How do I pay for my Reservation ? Credit Card, Square,  cash or  Check.


Are ALL Fares in US Dollar ? Yes


Do I need a Credit Card to place my Reservation ? Yes


How far in advance should I reserve ? A 24 Hr notice is preferred. We do accept same day reservations however those are

   subject to availability.


How long are the quotes good for ? Quotes are good for 10 days.


When will my Credit Card be charged ? The day of service.


Can ST providfe child car seast and the cost ?  Yes, please notify  us when booking your car. No cost to you.


Will my driver assist with my bags ? Yes, If needed.


Do I need to Reconfirm my Arrival or Return Reservation ?  We do call our client the night before scheduled

   pick up date to confirm your reservation. You might also call to confirm.


What if my flight is Early or Late? We track all flights 60 minutes before arrival.


What area in the Airport do I meet my Driver ?

   Domestic & International Arrivals – please follow the signs to baggage claim located 2nd floor Terminal A or B, towards the carrousel

   designated for your flight,  as you proceed down the escalators ST driver will be at the bottom holding a sign with your name.  

   Note:  Domestic arrivals, driver will be at meeting location 15 min. from landing time . 

             International arrivals, driver will be at meeting location 45 min. from landing time (due to customs/immigration procedures).


What if I need additional stops or waiting time ? Sure (additional charges apply)


Does Stagecoach pick up from or to other locations beside the Airports ? Yes, Any location in Florida. We service Airports,

   Cruise Ports, Train stations, etc….


Can I cancel my Reservation ? Yes , No charge if you cancell within 48 hrs of scheduled pick up date.


Is there any cancellation fee? Yes,  cancellations within 24 hrs of date of service will have a 20% charge of the fare quoted.


How long before my flight departure do I need to be picked up ? We like to add  1 hr 30 min plus the travel time from

   your pick up location.  For example: from Ocala to Orlando Airport we suggest to leave 3 hrs prior to flight departure time.


Charters , Point-to-Point ....  Local services: A minimmun 3Hr charge is applied to all services.

   Sedan : $50 P/Hr   *   SUV: $65 P/Hr   *   Out of Town:  $2 P/loaded mile.


Airports , Cruise Ports.   Please call our office for Rates.